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The Voice-Use Clinic Launch!

communication public speaking singing speakers speech voice Apr 28, 2021

After a whole year of hard work and preparation, The Voice-Use Clinic is finally ready to be released into the world! 

Offering a range of services from personalised, individual sessions to workplace workshops, The Voice-Use Clinic has something for everyone! Speakers and singers alike, no matter how you use your voice, we're here to show you how. 

Teachers and fitness professionals - save your voice from vocal damage by attending one of our Vocal Health for Voice Users webinars. Have us come to your workplace so we can show the whole team how to avoid the stressful effects of what has been deemed an occupational hazard of the profession!

Yoga teachers and news readers - want to sound cool, calm and collected on the job but unfortunately got stuck with a voice like a yob? Did you know that you can ACTUALLY CHANGE THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE?! Let us show you how in one of our personalised one-on-one sessions or check out our online course coming in July 2021!

Singers and actors - are you struggling with confidence in your voice because you don't know what's going to come out when you open your mouth? We've got the tools to teach you the control and precision you need to give that performance of a lifetime! Feel secure knowing that the sound that's going to come out is exactly what you intended, each and every time. 

Your voice is your most important asset, on the job and at home. We can show you how to protect it, understand it and to realise its potential. At The Voice-Use Clinic, we've got you!

Now taking bookings for private sessions, workplace workshops and webinars! Check out for details and bookings.

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