Personalised Private Sessions 

Whether you're a presenter, a singer, an educator, a yoga teacher, or none of the above; your voice is your most important asset. With a Personalised Private Session, you can spend valuable one-on-one time with a voice specialist to work specifically on your individual goals.

Learn how to change the sound of your voice to compliment your work. Repair vocal damage and learn prevention strategies for your future. Hit the high notes and master control of your singing voice. Realise your voice's potential by acquiring the skills you need to keep your audiences engaged and wanting more.

Book a Complimentary 30-minute Zoom consultation with one of our voice specialists to see what we can do for you!

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Each Session Tailored to Your Needs

Receive a specialised program designed for you, with your individual needs in mind. 

Work One-on-One with a Voice Specialist

Receive expert knowledge, individual attention and all of your questions answered. Feel secure in the knowledge that 100% of our focus is on you. 

Practical Strategies and Solutions

We're not just all talk! You'll walk away from your sessions with real, tangible actions that you can apply right away to start seeing progress from your very first session. 

Faster Results

Achieve your goals faster to have more confidence in your voice. Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered.


Private sessions are held online via zoom or live at Studio 3, Suite 9, 650 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. 

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