More Than Just A Singing Lesson!

At The Voice-Use Clinic, we focus on handing the power back to the singer by teaching control of the vocal mechanism through isolating and strengthening the vocal musculature.

  • Develop a voice that does exactly what you want, when you want it
  • Have confidence in the accuracy of the sound you produce
  • Reduce strain and tension
  • Develop a range of styles and tone colours to compliment your singing 
  • Learn stylistic characteristics for different genres

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There's no vague singing-teacher rhetoric here! We won't ask you to "place the sound forward" or "sing with more support". We've studied the anatomy and physiology of the voice so we know exactly which mechanisms will trigger the sound you want to achieve. 

But don't worry, we've carefully crafted our approach to make the information easily digestible so you don't need a PhD to understand it.

Confidence and Control

Attain mastery over your instrument by learning how to isolate and strengthen the vocal mechanism - to produce the sound you want, each and every time. 

Work Towards Your Goals

Want to learn how to belt? To increase your range? Sing that song that's just a bit too hard right now? Work on your agility?

No matter what your goals are, you can be assured that The Voice-Use Clinic will give you the tools you need to achieve them.

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